Here are all the questions we get asked the most when it comes to becoming a Relevant Radio® affiliate.  If you've still got questions, please reach out and get in touch.

One hour to 24 hours.  To see what live and interactive programming is offered please open the latest program grid.

Our programming is offered through the following methods:

  • Satellite
  • XDS
  • Barix

Through the Relevant Radio Pledge Drives, your station may receive a source of revenue on a quarterly basis.

  • Option 1 – Broadcasting 24/7.
  • Option 2 – Broadcasting at least six hours of RR programming per day.

Electronic deposits are available.

Relevant Radio requests a written partnership agreement with each affiliate to ensure that all affiliate contact information is readily accessible and all affiliate requests are honored.

There are four partnership options to choose from:

  • Option 1 – Broadcasting Relevant Radio 24/7.
  • Option 2 – Broadcasting at least six hours of Relevant Radio programming.
  • Option 3 -  Ala Carte, broadcasting one to five hours of Relevant Radio programming.
  • Option 4 – Custom Option

Relevant Radio provides a dedicated affiliate partner contact person, who is available 7:30 AM CT to 5 PM CT.  Additional services provided, based upon the option you choose:  marketing assistance, limited start up assistance, assistance with quarterly issues, program report assistance, a listing on RR web site along with opportunity to enroll in Parish Ambassador program.

Each station will need to pay it's own music licensing fees.